Dental Clinic Eurodent practice dental tourism so it can provide a full dental service and make your visit to Belgrade, Serbia as comfortable as possible. For all foreign citizens, who do not have already organized accommodation during their dental treatment, we are providing all dental services and organizing accommodation at our luxury apartments for very low prices. We garantee, when you come back home, you will be fully satisfied with your new shiny smile and pleasent memories from Belgrade.


Our apartments for dental tourism are located in the center of main town of Serbia, Belgrade, in Balkanska street, and they are only few meters away from our dental clinic Eurodent, so all patients and recovery process can be constantly supervised. Apartments include equipped kitchens, air conditioning, cable TV, internet access, washing machine and others. The price of your accomodation will be charged after the dental treatment is done, so you don’t need to pay for anything in advance.


For all clients who wish to use the service of dental tourism, we may organize the transfer from the airport of Belgrade, bus station or the railway station to our apartments and back, after the dental treatment is done. Upon your arrival, our team member will wait for you at the airport of Belgrade (or any other transportation point) and provide you a comfortable ride to our luxury apartments, or some other place/hotel you preffer to stay. We are here to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so we are flexiable, and we can make any other arragement that will suit your preferences and make your visit to the center of Belgrade best as it could be. If you are arriving to Serbia by plane or any other means of transport, we will provide you the transfer from the airport (bus station or the railway station) to your hotel or the clinic and back.


Dental Clinic Eurodent will be at your service during your visit to Serbia and dental treatment, givinig you the best tips for sightseeing and enjoying natural and cultural beauties, shopping, nightlife. Belgrade has a lot attractions to offer for all ages and tastes. There are a lot of places that you should not just visit, but feel and discover them entirely. Whether you are interested in history and architecture, whether you enjoy strolling through parks or spending nice afternoon in one of numerous cafés or restaurants, you will always find something relaxing and fun thing to do in Belgrade.


Because of the specificity of dental services, all clients who wish to use our full dental tourism service, need to make a contact with us about 10 days before arrival. When making a contact with Dental Clinic Eurodent, you need to give us a short description of your dental problem, and your preferences about accomodation, and will give you the best professional opinion and solution for your problem. Also, that way, we can arrange and organize your visit to Belgrade, Serbia, schedule your appointment to Dental Clinic Eurodent and provide you a luxury apartment in the center of Belgrade.