0 20 October 2014

Dental implant surgical placement means placement of foreign bodies in the oral region, in order to provide better and more successful prosthetic rehabilitation. To date, the implants used extensively as a variety of materials with more or less success, since it is the body sooner or later rejected. How does dental implant looks like? Based on current knowledge, it can be said that metals such as stainless steel, chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloys, precious metals and many polymers, bone tissue can be tolerated but not integrated. However, titanium, tantalum, niobium and others, like aluminum oxide ceramics, which are described as almost bioinert may be osteointegrated under certain conditions. Our clinic Eurodent in Belgrade, Serbia, guarantee the safe and secure implant surgery, will provide you a more beautiful smile and allow you to save money, because of our affordable services at low cost implants. You can see it on presented picture how does it looks like:  

adding crown to dental implant adding crown to dental implant
Implants that are widely used can be metallic or non-