Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with correcting improper position of teeth and improper relationship between skilled bones. Orthodontic devices can be mobile and fixed, and their selection is based on the diagnosis and patient age. Irregularities in the children’s age can be corrected and stable and fixed appliances, and in adults using the fixed appliances.


On pictures you can see example of our patient from Eurodent clinic in Belgrade, Serbia, with the problem of improper position of teeth that can be solved with jaw orthopedics – fixed orthodontic device a.k.a. fixed prosthesis.


Jaw orthopedics example of jaw that needs prosthesis

Before jaw orthopedics/prosthesis

Jaw orthopedics faze of adding prosthesis

Jaw orthopedics phase of adding prosthesis

Result of jaw orthopedics

Effect of jaw orthopedics / jaw prosthesis

After jaw orthopedics with splint Belgrade Serbia Dental tourism prosthesis

After jaw prosthesis / jaw orthopedics with splint