Dental imaging is an indispensable diagnostic method in dentistry. The image, printed on a separate foil showing the entire upper and lower jaw with surrounding anatomical structures, is called orthopan or dental X-Ray. Ortopan also gives an insight into the teeth that are in the jawbone that have not yet emerged, but it is difficult to see whether or not these missing teeth are healthy.
The Eurodent dental office has the latest generation of digital tooth extraction equipment. Eurodent Ortopan delivers high-quality imaging with extremely high sharpness that enables precision in diagnosing a potential problem, and therefore planning treatment. Advanced technology with the help of tooth imaging, a panoramic view of the jaw, allows a clear visibility of the outside of the tooth and tooth root.
All patients are always advised to make an orthopan or dental examination with the dentist at the first examination. Ortopan will give the dentist an insight into your potential problem and will clearly be able to see if you may have wisdom teeth or so-called ‘eights’. For implant placement, an orthopedic examination is necessary for the oral surgeon to have an understanding of the condition of the bone and whether there is sufficient space in the bone for implant placement and whether the bone is of good enough quality. The 3D tooth imaging system provides the most accurate data regarding jaw bone density and its diameter, which is why it is necessary that orthopan is still used as an orientation shot.

The Eurodent’s Digital Dental X-Ray Machine is completely safe for both children and adults. According to the FDA, the level of radiation that you are exposed to when taking a digital tooth is equal to the level of radiation that you have been exposed to for two days when performing routine activities. For tooth extraction in children, Eurodent uses special state-of-the-art programs with even lower air emissions, so our youngest patients are almost completely shielded from radiation with extremely high image quality.
Eurodent’s digital x-ray machine allows you to get a shot of a tooth, orthopan, in just a few minutes. Tooth preparation is not required, nor is this activity in any way painful for the patient.