Teeth whitening

The most frequent questions about theet whitening:

– Is teeth whitening harmful?

– Is theet whitening damaging a thoot?

– Are the teeth after treatment quickly break down?


Teeth whitening is not damaging teeth if the therapy is done properly and with the right products. You can do the therapy of theet bleaching at home, it’s easy. Teeth whitening can also be performed in a dental office that is. Whitening treatment can be preformed atour clinic, or you can do yourself at home, if you select the home setting, you can choose whether to use day or night. They can bleach your teeth where the nerve is extracted – depulped tooth. Before beginning treatment, teeth whitening, we recommend you ultrasonic removal of solid and soft deposits from the teeth and remove tooth discoloration caused by the effects of tobacco smoke and food. In a few days you can make your smile shining with our proven 100% save therapy for teeth whitening. Don’t be supprised with low prices for whitening service, and pay attention on our discounts for teeth whitening because you can have beautiful shining smile and save money.


Here is a picture of bleaching process and effect:

Teeth whitening/bleaching process and effect

Teeth whitening/bleaching process and effect